All One Needs To Know On Credit Counseling In Singapore

Established in August of 2004 as an independent, non-profit, social service agency called Credit Counseling Singapore (CCS). Accreditation for Credit Counseling Services (CCS) is the only organization recognized by The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) as committed to helping debt-distressed individuals to address their unsecured debt problem through counseling and education, in addition to facilitating debt repayment arrangements, where necessary.

Credit Counseling Singapore has helped over 34000 individuals with issues relating to death problems loans and has also facilitated them by counseling on various credit-involved issues.

Services include-

  • Counseling information talks- CCS seminar rooms are formed to have in-person debt management information talks on weekday evenings. On the alternative Sundays video calls take place on Zoomin the English language.
  • Business debt management- webinars organized for micro and small enterprise owners. It basically helps them understand the options which are available for small businesses. It also helps them to prevent situations of difficulties and bankruptcy.

With the growth of small and micro industries, it has become a very important aspect that those industries are helped and counseled on many topics which are relevant. Since they are the newbies in the market it is important to make them understand about the whole process of credit and debt management.

business insolvency advice

Steps involved to deal with a debt problem-

  • The first step includes acknowledging the problem and receiving the advice- If there is any kind of difficulty arising on making the payments, credit or on loan accounts one shall be vocal about it and shall also accept that problem and be informed about it. One should have proper knowledge about the work going on in the industry and get informed about it.
  • Second step involves submitting the request for counseling with the inclusion of the supporting documents which are considered as important for the process and shall be given to the counseling officers. One can also submit their documents online by using the online submission portal of the Online Debt Management Course.
  • Third step includes attending the counseling session- Once the documents are considered and accepted by the counselors. On the basis of being important and necessary the third step involves the occurrence of the counseling session and business insolvency advice. In this session the small and micro industries owners are helped by the counselors and are advised by them to work on a particular path for the increment in their industry.

One can directly contact them via the male ideas provided on the official website or the number provided on their page 1 can also physically reach out to them on their operating days, that is from Mondays to Fridays from 9 AM to 6 PM except on public holidays. In case of any queries one can directly reach out to them by leaving a message on the official website with the name, email ID, subject of the message and the query.