All The Information Is On S Pass, Which Will Benefit You

Singapore proposes foreign workers different forms of work passes relying on their experience. These work passes are issued and operated directly by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The S-pass is that kind of work pass. The S Pass has onerous regulations.

What Do You Understand By S-Pass?

The S Pass considers Singapore’s work visa appropriate for mid-level professional foreign mechanics with advanced proficiency in key developing initiatives such as electronics, chemicals, aerospace engineering, pharmaceuticals, marine, etc.

This S-Pass visa is the best option compared to an employment pass (EP) when your business needs more budget to spend a high wage for EP. However, the critical challenge is obtaining a quota for S-Pass because the sponsor company must have enough employees to support one S-Pass applicant. You can Learn more about S Pass application here.

Get Your S Pass

Who Is Qualified For The S Pass In Singapore?

You are suitable to apply for S Pass if you meet the following conditions:

  1. You work as mid-skilled workers like technicians, accountants, analysts, or journalists.
  2. You got a job in Singapore, and your employer applied S Pass for you.
  3. You need to earn at least a S$2,300 salary monthly. (S Pass minimum salary)
  4. You have proper qualifications, like Technical certificates, university degrees, or diplomas.
  5. You must have appropriate work experience.

Necessary Documents Need Applying For S Pass.

Your employer must submit some documents while applying for the Pass

  • The finished S Pass Application Form.
  • Your consent letters.
  • A xerox or printout of your passport’s unique details page.
  • If you are married, then duplicate your marriage certificate.
  • The most delinquent business profile of the organization.
  • Copies of your diplomas and other essential certifications.
  • Please verify your educational certificates.
  • Letter of Sponsorship or Registration from an Enrolment Agency, Professional company, or Accreditation organization.
  • If you are employed in a food facility: you need A copy of an authentic license from the Singapore Food Agency (SFA)

Bringing The S Pass Issued

Your employer requested to get your S Pass administered as well. Regardless, this time, you must stay in Singapore.

The procedure for requesting to obtain the S Pass allocated is as follows:

  • Your employer asks for the S Pass issuance via EP (Employment Pass) Online.
  • They need to submit essential documents that are necessary.
  • They give three people’s contact details who will receive your S Pass Card.
  • Employers need to pay S$100 for the S Pass fee.
  • After the S pass is allocated, they receive a notification letter about your arrival and departure while you wait to receive S Pass, and this letter they should print and deliver to you.


With S Pass, you can achieve your dream of working in Singapore with little dedication and few restrictions to maintain.