Be familiar with the reasons why installing a new boiler

Boilers are generally considered the heart of the home, your Boiler installation Edinburgh can contribute almost up to 60% of your energy bills. That’s why these primary appliances must be adequately taken care of. By ensuring that your boiler is in excellent condition, you will have enhanced quality hot water and heating, and a lessened carbon footprint with the following reductions in energy bills. Also, it will produce better levels of energy efficiency and peace of mind about a boiler that you can depend on.

Know how long does a boiler last

            The average life of a boiler usually is based on the model of the boiler, yet generally, it will last you anywhere between 10-15 years. If you regularly maintain your boiler, it could surpass its standard lifespan. It’s about the steps you take to get rid of any problems. Boiler replacement is not an easy process and you must consider some factors when approaching this task. That’s why it is necessary to know when to replace your boiler. Fortunately, most boiler issues can be repaired with a rapid visit by a registered heating engineer or plumber, yet sometimes that is not the case. Below are some of the top reasons why consider installing a new boiler.

The 7 Stages of Fitting a New or Replacement Boiler - Simon Turner  Showrooms in Devon

Top reasons why consider getting a new boiler installed

  • Energy efficient
  • Having an older boiler of more than 10 years that has been installed in your home could be functioning as low as 60% efficiency. It is not ideal to have a boiler that misses 40% of the energy and is not perfect for operating your hot water systems and heating in your home. Older boilers particularly those with pilot lights wherein cost higher a year to keep alight, switching away from gas boilers is a well-known option.
  • Cost Effective
  • When your boiler is on the blink usually than not it is an ideal option to replace the boiler than continue paying for repairs. With older repairs, you’ll discover that sourcing parts will get increasingly challenging. Especially, once you have had the boiler system for more than 15 years, the other feature to think of is, if your boiler breaks during the winter. It might cost more effective to replace the boiler rather than worrying and stressing about fixing things that possibly could break again.
  • Safety comes first
  • Whether you are a landlord or your family home, boilers must have to be checked always to ensure they are safe and operate at full capacity, particularly gas boilers. Once you’re a landlord, it is your legal responsibility to ensure your boiler follows all the rules and regulations that are given by the government and councils. Gas boilers that are maintained poorly can lead to the slow release of carbon monoxide.
  • Eco-Friendly
  • One thing that has transformed more than 10 years is the need for eco-friendly systems, old style boilers use huge amounts of fuel compared to the recent boilers on the market nowadays. Making the latest models much more environmentally friendly and also more efficient.