Canadian Gold Coins : Popular Historical and Modern Precious Metal Coins

Canada opted for the gold standard in order to make trade easier in 1853. Later in 1901 as per the Ottawa Mint Act, a branch of British Royal Mint was set up in Canada. Currently, The Royal Canadian Mint stands tall as one of the most superior and advanced mint when it comes to technology. It just doesn’t mint gold coins but also bars and wafers for its investors.

1908-1919: British Sovereigns Minted In Canada

During this period, it was the duty of the Royal Mint in Ottawa to produce gold coins for the British Mint. Canada got its first ever refinery of gold in 1911 for mostly foreign trading. The Canadian gold coins had a “C” mark on them to make them distinct and referring to the origin of production.  However, these coins were still not allowed to be issued as Canadian currency.

Pattern Coins: 1928

A coat of arms was released to show the four founding Canadian nationalities which then went on to be depicted in these pattern coins. The upper section included symbols from Ireland, Scotland, England, and France the third part showed maple leaf which is a distinct Canadian signifying mark. These coins were minted in small numbers and they’re a part of the National Currency Collection in the Bank of Canada.

$50 Gold Maple Leaf Coins: 1979

Royal Mint of Canada began minting $50 one-ounce Canadian Gold Maple leaf coins. These coins were 99.99% pure and they became famous across the globe in no time.

Gold Bullion Coins: 1982

During this year the Royal Mint of Canada introduced pure bullion gold sovereigns which were 99.99% pure gold.

Palladium Maple Leaf Coin: 2005

The Royal Mint of Canada introduced this one troy ounce bullion coin which was 99.95% pure gold. Its issuing value was $50 and it was minted in small quantities.

Silver Maple Leaf Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint also runs a regular yearly series of Silver Maple Coins, these are 999 silver coins and highly collectable, their price is very low compared to the world spot price making them ideal for both collectors and investors. The value of these coins can be seen on the Gold News Australia website.

The Million Dollar Coin: 2007

During 2007, the Royal Mint of Canada established itself as the only mint to introduce a gold coin that weighed 100 kg and was 99.999% pure gold. No other mint in the world had been able to introduce a coin of such high standard and quality. “The Million Dollar coin” had a starting value of $1 million and only 5 of these coins were minted.


The Royal Mint of Canada minted many coins during this period. Some notable gold sovereigns during this time period were the coin called “Fine Gold Kilo” based on Canadian heritage, the $100 gold coin produce don the 400th anniversary of Hudson Bay, $300 gold coin based on the theme “summer moon mask”, the $300 pure gold coin with a diamond and the $1 and $2 gold coins.

Call of the Wild Gold Coin: 2014

This coin was produced in 2014 by the Royal Mint of Canada with the howling wolf. These were based on the extraordinary Canadian wildlife and issues pertinent to the Growling Cougar. They had an issuing value of $200 CAN and have a purity of 999.99 which makes them the purest bullion coins.