Planning Extraordinary Corporate Events

Trademark corporate events are a great way to generate interest, build a sense of community among employees, and engage customers. Unfortunately, corporate events are often outsourced to vendors who only sometimes use the most innovative ideas. By creating a strategy before you start your planning process, you can ensure that your event is memorable and different from what has been done before.


Several exceptional event planning companies can help you with the details. Unless you want to do the work yourself, you will save time and stress by hiring a company with a reputation for excellence in event planning to work with you on the big-picture ideas for your trademark corporate event productions.


To help you get started, here is a list of extraordinary corporate events that have been popular in the past:


Innovative corporate events

Significant Corporate Events require imaginative thinking and innovative techniques, especially if your goal is to be different from what has been done before. You need to research the following four categories of ideas for creative corporate events:

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Game Night Corporate Events

Gameplay is always popular for large groups. Many companies have had great success with game night corporate events. The typical game night will include a combination of darts, billiards, bowling, and ping pong tournaments, as well as more severe games involving puzzles, riddles, and creative challenges. To be sure that your event is successful, make sure you have plenty of seating and food. You can also have prizes for the teams or individuals who make it to the tournament finals.


Golf Tournaments

Golf events can be held at your business or the local course. There is a growing trend in the corporate world to incorporate golf tournaments into the annual calendar of events, so let’s look at a couple of ways to create an event that plays on this trend.


If you are going to have your corporate event on the course, it is essential to look for classes with good food and comfortable facilities. Make sure you allow plenty of time within your schedule for play; otherwise, you will spend more time arranging tee times than actually playing golf. It is also wise to limit tee times to avoid the usual conflicts that arise when the group tries to fit all players into one round.


Big-Name Entertainment

Having a world-renowned entertainer at your event is one of the surest ways to create buzz. There are two ways to create an event with a big-name entertainer. One, you can hire a booking agent who will coordinate the event’s location, date, and time, as well as payment for the performer. Two, you can hire the entertainer directly if they are willing to perform without a booking agency attached.